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What are you supposed to do when your debt piles up and creditors keep sending you aggressive letters demanding payment? You could keep struggling to stay afloat – or you could contact our experienced Salem bankruptcy lawyer at Pacific Cascade Bankruptcy. He is known for his compassionate, client-focused, and reasonably-priced bankruptcy services. With his legal guidance, you may be able to shake free of crippling debt and seek a stable, comfortable financial future. Find out more about your bankruptcy options today.

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Using Legal Strategies to Protect Your Assets in Bankruptcy

The goal of bankruptcy is eliminating as much debt as possible while also keeping as much of your own personal finances and assets as possible. This is a delicate balance to achieve, but it is possible with a Salem debt relief lawyer by your side. Through a careful analysis of your secured and unsecured debt, and your assets, Attorney Wisehart can help determine if bankruptcy or another form of debt settlement is right for you. Every case is unique, and he will analyze your case as if it was his own.

What form of bankruptcy will be right for you?

  • Chapter 7: In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, you have a greater chance of getting more debt dismissed, potentially even all of it. The trade-off is you also risk more of your assets to forfeiture and repossession, or possibly your home to foreclosure. This form of bankruptcy is often ideal for people with overwhelming debt or very little assets.
  • Chapter 13: When done correctly, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will minimize your debt and create a new, manageable repayment schedule for the next three to five years. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to reorganize your estate, which usually allows you to keep the things you want. However, depending on your household income, you will need to prepare to pay a manageable monthly payment to be able to discharge the debt that you cannot repay. Chapter 13 is typically preferred when you have significant debt, a reasonable household income, possibly behind on house or car payments, or have tax debt. Fresh Financial Futures are Made Here – Call (503) 850-2992

There is no better time than now to learn what Pacific Cascade Bankruptcy can do for you. You can get a FREE initial consultation with our firm by filling out an online contact form today.

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